19780584_10209304835077733_430802539445746239_o.jpgI’m a rising senior at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where I’m the editor-in-chief of The Bottom Line. I’m a history and sociology double major preparing for a minor in professional writing. After graduating from UCSB, I plan to pursue a career in print and digital journalism.

I spent the summer interning at San Francisco magazine. Previously, I was an editorial intern at TakePart and contributor at HelloFlo. You can also find some of my work from writing classes at UCSB on this website.

Growing up, I liked squishing in between my parents on our living room couch and watching 60 Minutes. On Sunday mornings, I’d snatch up the Kids section of the Los Angeles Times while my dad read A1. (Eventually, I progressed to stealing the Sudoku.) While eating before school, I’d watch KTLA, Good Day L.A. or Good Morning America. Long before I seriously considered journalism as a career, I’d surrounded myself with news.

I live for new spins on current events. That’s what I try to emulate in every story I write, at least. There’s always a personal connection to every policy, and an angle unexplored.